Application that auto-unsubscribes free trials by Steve Shields 0.00 0

We live in the great digital age where nearly everything as a free trial. If you are like me, you enjoy using these free trials. Also a marketplace with free trials that will cancel automatically.

Hologram Guided GPS by Kaden Scharmota 0.00 0

This is a GPS that is displayed as a hologram on the drivers windshield. It is opaque enough to not distract the driver but still visible in their vision without the driver's focus.

Homemade Carry-Out by Melody Martin 122.00 1

An app or site where anyone can list homemade meals, desserts, or snacks. Locals can purchase them and pick them up. Like Carry out, but homemade!

Automatic hot vehicle sensor to prevent death by James Gyurky 6.00 1

In vehicle monitor that senses biometric data ( heartbeat) and temperature of vehicle interior then auto rolls windows down when temps over 100 deg. Used to prevent hot car child and pet deaths.

U.Y.E.G PADS by elkanah wanyama 0.00 0

A reusable sanitary pad free from infections for a period of 1yr. It's engineered using locally available cotton materials. I exhibited it last year in the Nairobi international trade fair.

A battery that charges from the electricity in the air by Marc David 0.00 0

I have thought about an app that you can download on your phone that can charge your phone through the electricity in the air. You pay each time you charge your device.

Plant App by Paul Le Claire 11.00 2

Create an app to identify plants.

Umbrella which can collect water and purify it from rain by Dude Plus 0.00 0

We can save water from rain and then making it drinkable

Automatic in-build charger by GODGIFT PIUS 0.00 0

To creat a device that enables all mobile phone, Tabs, and pc. to charge by itself whenever the battery power is below 50%. without the use of electricity and power bank.

Transparent Grill Cover by Amanda Firestone 0.00 0

A grill cover, that you can check on, simply by looking over the cover, rather than opening up the hot, uncomfortable smoke coming at your face.

Child Proof Tissue Boxes by Melody Martin 0.00 0

Tissue boxes that make tissues easily accessible to adults, yet can thwart even the most intelligent toddler.

Car Accident Fail Safe by Addisu Mesele Sorssa 0.00 0

A system that automatically launches during car accidents to protect the passengers from an accident.

Light and Clean Air by Pradeep Pk Maheshwari 0.00 0

The pollution is a fact and cannot be ignored. The particulate matter in the air has become denser and it is now sowing seeds for serious illnesses. It has to be tackled now. by Mike Avant 0.00 0 - A website about space travel in the 21st century.

Heated Vehicle Interior Windshield Screen by Jeffrey George 0.00 0

If you really dislike having to scrape off the ice/frost from your windshield in the morning this device could alleviate that problem.

Solar Panel Roofing Sheets by Chijindu David Umunnakwe 0.00 0

Imagine a world where roofing sheets are solar panels that could generate electricity. It could be a way of bringing faster development to our world through the power of renewable energy.

Wireless Bridging Solution To Avoid Using Repeaters by Muhammed Maher 0.00 0

There should be an alternative than using WDS repeaters in cities for better service and less cost

Mobile phone with alternative source of charging by Muhammad Saad 0.00 0

mobile phones should be introduced with alternative source of charging along with the basic wired/wireless charging 1- solar 2- by shaking or bouncing

Carbon Dioxide Car by Haitham Harzallah 0.00 0

A Car that Runs on Carbon Dioxide instead of Gasoline and Graduated Oxygen instead of Contaminated Gas, and is Good for the Environment.

Additive to give pool water an SPF value by Joe Stanfield 0.00 0

Let's do this

Make it easier to find and donate to local charities. by Allison Guy 0.00 0

A website and app that show you the charities in your area, lets them post and update lists of item that are needed for donation, and tells you where and how to drop off donations.

VR learning/teaching tools/software by Stefan Dobre 0.00 0

Imagine: Being a student in medicine and performing an operation in VR. Learning the human anatomy with an VR softewere. A car engineer studying the engine and the laws of physics . Etc...

Colorblind glasses that make you colorblind by Elliot Martin 0.00 0

Some have heard of the glasses that can help you see color if you are colorblind called encroma. I want glasses that make you colorblind instead.

The Water Content Stick by Shak Kataev 0.00 0

A pregnancy test -esque stick that, when briefly dipped in water, will detect compounds, chemicals, toxins, acidity, and micro organisms, all to be used to test for potability/toxicity.

Research Participant Platform by Shawn Khan 1.00 1

A mobile app/website that connects eligible research participants in the area to researchers. This would be a tool for those looking to make money and for researchers to gather study participants.

Anti-gravity device for air planes & other airborne vehicles by Samuel OMOPE 0.00 0

Airplanes should be installed with an antigravity device (wide enough & fully charged) underneath. In the event of an imminent crash, the antigravity will kick up, thereby stabilizing the air plane.

A Smile by Tina Braik 0.00 0

Let's put on children's faces that big smile from outsides even if inside we can't :(

Educate and Feed by Hon Hastings Nixon Tembo 0.00 0

Educate aleast a 100 vulnaurable children in Zambia and feed young and aged in Zambia

Shared energy from solar panel left over by Romain Pottier 0.00 0

Today the solar energy world struggles with the stockage capacity and warming issues of batteries. But we can share our left over through a common electric network in our cities. P2P

Charge your mobile by just walking by Roshan Yadav 0.00 0

When we walk then our mechanical energy converted into electrical by some special designed devices. Through this we can charge our mobile in any place.