Homemade Carry-Out by Melody Martin 122.00 1

An app or site where anyone can list homemade meals, desserts, or snacks. Locals can purchase them and pick them up. Like Carry out, but homemade!

Research Participant Platform by Shawn Khan 1.00 1

A mobile app/website that connects eligible research participants in the area to researchers. This would be a tool for those looking to make money and for researchers to gather study participants.

App That Helps You Find The Name Of The Movie You Were Thinking Of by Richard Thomas Perez 0.00 0

It can access IMDB.com and IMsDB.com for all of the trivia and scripts for each movie. You can ask a question or the app can ask a question. It narrows the results after each response.

A training network that helps children from poverty by Nam Hoàng 0.00 0

Allows each qualified community member to mentor and monitor a child and train them to reach full potential

Uber for parking by Jarrod Payne 0.00 0

A platform that will allow people to have someone Park and retrieve thier car in busy cities

Repurposing by Peter Spencer 0.00 0

Cleaning up old abandoned buildings and repurposing them for various other uses

Exercise-Responsive Music App by Harmony Niphakis 0.00 0

A music app that customizes an original soundtrack based on your movement. The faster you run, the faster and more complex the music track gets, then slows down as you slow down!

Wondertrade by Martin Johan Fredriksen 0.00 0

An app made to organize an exhange of random gifts between strangers. Like Reddit Secret Santa, but constantly going on.

Tagster by Harald Are Nyheim 0.00 0

An app that lets you play tag with anyone anywhere.

Gym Where Members Do Productive Tasks While Working Out by Bob Krestoviak 0.00 0

Instead of mindlessly running on a treadmill or lifting, at this gym you will be productive. Performing tasks like chopping wood and loading trucks.

Speed limit optimization app by Steve Niphakis 0.00 0

Fixed speed limits hinder the most efficient flow of traffic. Having an app that allows police or traffic control officers to change speed limits to suit road conditions would benefit everyone.

Tripn by Victor ter Smitten 0.00 0

bringing VR worlds to people that are currently in a Hospital. There is also a way for special requests: so a guy with a 360° cam is going to your big family event/Party/Mount Everest/...

Small battery bank charged by motion and body heat by Justin Credible 0.00 0

Smart phone-sized, something people wouldn't feel encumbered with. USB output, likely a port for optional wall-charging as well.

Food for less priviledged by Adedayo Kayode Makinde 0.00 0

As much as it might sound impossible hunger is still a huge thing in America, fear not there is a solution and it involves farmers, volunteers and funding to ship it where it's needed all over America

Affordable Vinyl Record 3D Printer by Chris ElChico De LaVida 0.00 0

Scan Any Audio File your and Print your own record. Independent artists and musicians now have a way to producer their own vinyl. Just one of these can create a record empire in any household.

Reverse Image Shop by Riley O'Brien 0.00 0

Take a photo, upload it to your app, does a reverse image search and links to shops of where you can buy it (eg Amazon/eBay)

An App That Counts Calories From Food Pictures by Richard Thomas Perez 0.00 0

Let's make diets easier and Instagram actually useful. Listen, if we can translate languages in pictures, then we can pull this off. I have faith in you!

The Librarian by Jeremy “K1ngjeremy” Hardaway 0.00 0

Website or app for up and coming authors to get noticed.

Endangered Animals DNA Bank by Redd Kaiman 0.00 0

A directory carrying DNA samples of all current endangered species

Bathbomb cleaning device by Hanna Ormsdóttír 0.00 0

A bathbomb that can be used to clean sinks, toilets, showers etc. Basically fill (thing) with water, drop in bathbomb and the thing cleans itself.

A perimeter alarm for children in your yard by Eric Martin 1.00 1

If they leave the designated area, and alarm sounds.

VolunteerEwards by Matt Sly 0.00 0

An app that finds and tracks NPO volunteer opportunities. The user earns points that can be used for various gifts to either keep or donate to charities who wish to participate.

A Small Light on a Charger Cable by Levi Post 0.00 0

The light assist you to plug the charger in the phone or device when its dark.

A First Person Shooter with Instant Transmission by Eric Martin 15.00 1

A multiplayer FPS where you and anyone can instantaneously move (teleport) to any part of your environment which you can see, based on where you click... this is how you move instead of walking.

ideadash by Zane Isaac Hoffmann 0.00 0

A community where people can explore and promote their ideas for monetary gain!

Bartering platform by Jarrod Payne 0.00 0

An app that connects users into pairs or chains to barter goods or services. For example, I may post that I'll offer tutoring services in exchange for handyman services.

Baby wipes that treat diaper rash by Melody Martin 0.00 0

Baby wipes that effectively treat diaper rash instead of making it worse.

Turing test chatroom by Vojtěch Kynčl 0.00 0

A place where different AIs compete to make people think they are human and humans compete to make people think they are robots.

Geo/solar heaters by Brandon Wang 0.00 0

Geo/solar heaters for rural places in the cold

Okay, vaccinations but without the scary ass needles by Emma Cullen 0.00 0

I'm afraid of needles. Develop the stuff so we can drink it instead of injecting it.