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Welcome to ideadash! We are a platform for people who have great ideas but don’t have the time or resources to implement them.

We want you to post great ideas on the site, the world can see and fund those ideas, and others can submit proposals to implement those ideas. The person who posts the proposal with the most backer votes gets most of the funds that were raised in order to carry out their proposal, and the idea poster keeps a small cut.

So you can post an idea, sit back, and your idea could make you some money while changing the world. Oh, and you can rate ideas, too. Rating ideas helps the best ideas rise to the top of the homepage.

Happy posting, rating, funding, and implementing ideas!

Eric Martin
Founder & CEO of ideadash
May 28th, 2016

The process you and your idea go through (simplified):

Starting on the first of each month and going through the end of month one:

1) You post an idea.

2) The community (backers) raises funds for it.

Starting on the first of the second month and going through the 21st day of month two:

3) People submit proposals to implement the idea.

Starting on the first of the second month and going through the end of month two:

4) Backers vote on the best proposal.

After the end of the second month (and after transaction fees are taken out):

5) You get 10% of the funds, ideadash keeps 5%.

6) The winning proposal gets 85% of the funds.

7) The winner implements the idea according to their proposal.

8) Your idea is now a reality.

Questions you might have:

  1. How do I post an idea? (and: How do I sign up/log in?) Answer: In order to post an idea, you need to be signed up and logged in first. You can do that by going to and clicking "Login with G" to use a Google account or "Login with f" to use a Facebook account. This logs you in, puts you on our email list, and allows you to post ideas while you're logged in. Once logged in, at the top click "Post an Idea" on desktop, or on mobile open the menu at the top right and then click "Post an Idea". There's also a link to post ideas on the homepage at if you're already logged in. You can opt out of our email list can by emailing ... or by following the instructions at the bottom of an email that you receive.

  2. Why should I rate ideas? Answer: It can be fun (and funny) and lets you see many ideas on the site, perhaps helping you to think of some of your own ideas. You need to be logged in first to do this - see the above question on how to log in. Then, click "Rate Ideas" at the top menu, or from the top right menu, if you're on mobile. Rating a set of 5 idea pairs earns you a dashNut. If you don't like either idea, you have about two skips available while rating ideas, so you don't need to choose one in every case.

  3. Won't someone just steal my idea? Answer: When you post an idea on ideaDash, you are giving it to the world. So it's not stealing, because when you post an idea on ideaDash, you are saying: "World, here's my idea, do what you wish with it." If you have an idea that you don't want others to know about, or that you don't want others to use, ideaDash probably is not a good place for that idea.

  4. So if I'm giving my idea away, why should I post it? Answer: There are many reasons you might post it. One is you might want to see the idea accomplished by someone else, because you know that you don't have the time, money, or resources to do it yourself. Another reason to post is that if your idea raises money, transaction fees come off of the top, but after that you get 10% of the funds that the idea raises. So there's a financial incentive to post your idea; of course, not all ideas raise money.

  5. Why should I give money towards an idea, what's in it for me? Answer: You potentially get to be the very first financial backer of an idea. You could launch a new movement, product, service, contest, free to download software, or something currently inconceivable. You get to be on the cutting edge, truly supporting something knowing that you might get nothing in return. ideaDash does not require implementation proposers to give anything to backers, but proposers could offer perks to backers. Backing an idea on ideaDash is based on a pure belief in an idea, but also with an understanding that once implementation proposers come along, they could morph the concept into something that you didn't even expect, and it could be something even better than what the original idea poster first dreamed up.

  6. Why would a big company ever try to "win" an idea by submitting an implementation proposal? Answer: A company could want to win with the most votes from backers for the publicity, for the 85% of funds (after fees), or just for fun. Some might say that some companies might be too big to care, and that might be true. But if there's money sitting somewhere, there's probably someone, somewhere, be it a smaller business, a startup, or an individual, who will try to win the funds.

  7. What happens if, as a backer, I don't like any of the implementation proposals, or what if there's a tie for the most votes for the best proposal, or what if there isn't even one implementation proposal? Answer: In many of these cases, the idea goes to the default option, which is to extend things for another month to see if any other implementation proposals are submitted, and then voting happens again. For backers, there's always the option to vote to extend things another month if you aren't satisfied with the current proposals, or you can vote to get a credit on the 85% (after fees) that would have gone to the vote-winning implementer. Whatever gets the most backer votes is what happens, but a tie for the top defaults to extend things for a month. Votes are one per backer, no matter the amount given towards an idea.

  8. What are dashNuts for? Answer: Those little acorns you get for rating ideas are there just for fun as of 6/22/2016, but someday they could be more than that. Stay tuned!

Check out the slideshow below for more details on the process and why we think ideas are a huge untapped resource.

Get Cash for Your Idea: No Implementation Required from Eric Martin

Meet the founder

Eric Martin

Eric Martin
Founder and CEO of ideadash inc.

Eric founded ideadash so that anyone with an idea has the opportunity to make money from the idea and the opportunity to benefit others with the idea. And all of this is possible even when the person who posts the idea cannot or will not implement the idea.

A follower of Jesus, Eric is creating and maintaining this site "in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him." (from the NIV, part of Colossians 3:17)

He has a wife, Melody, and two daughters, Noelle and Grace. Previously, Eric and Melody created a card game for kids, called Animal Herders. In 2015 he won’s nationwide marketing competition called Jet Insider. He won first place out of over 350,000 Insiders by getting over 8,000 people to signup for before its launch later that year.

Little known fact: Turkey Vultures are Eric’s favorite animal.

Articles detailing Eric’s Jet win:

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